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Life Sciences

One Salute can provide synthesis of small molecule APIs by providing fully integrated cGMP manufacturing services that are fast-track, regulatory compliant and cost-effective.

API Manufacturing
One Salute focuses on providing services for drug discovery, process research, development and early clinical manufacturing of pharmaceutical drug substances. Archer laboratories have been designed specifically to produce bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient suitable for use in preclinical toxicology, large clinical trials and finished products. Our scientists specialize in complex organic synthesis and possess experience in both industrial and academic environments. With an extensive experience and a solid academic background, One Salute has a broad range of synthetic organic chemistry capabilities, along with the knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies.

Analytical Services
Our company has an extensive array of instrumentation ranging from a 500 MHz NMR to LC-MS instruments, that suit a wide variety of needs. Our capabilities include pharmacokinetic studies, small molecule identification, protein and peptide sequencing and identification of extractables and leachables. We work with our clients from basic method development through cGLP-controlled assays to deliver cost-effective, high quality data.